Palm Beach, Fla., in the Eighties was the mood at Attico’s fun presentation, which was hosted in a penthouse cum garden at the Torre Milano, a skyscraper dating back to the Fifties. The apartment was decorated by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini to convey a vintage Florida-like mood, which also informed the collection.

The designers cited the “Witches of Eastwick” as the muses of the season. Actually, they portrayed a younger, friskier version of the three. The flamboyant lineup juxtaposed multiple decades: Eighties shapes, Forties tea dress silhouettes and Twenties Art Deco graphics. The latter popped up, for example, as crystal embellishments on  fluid jersey dresses with ample, draped sleeves.

There was a prom feel running into the minidresses splashed with upholstery-like retro floral pattern, while the crop tops and the sequined slipdresses decorated with a cascade of feathers in sorbet tones were full-on glamorous. The eccentric, flamboyant extravaganza continued with the embellished jeans cut in roomy riding-inspired shapes and with a mini bustier dress paved with embroidered floral appliqués.

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