Emerging talent Nicola Brognano, who used to work with Giambattista Valli on ready-to-wear and couture, turned out a fresh and breezy Malibu-meets-the-Mediterranean collection — plus a few poufs of tulle. Models donned lots of yellow and white flower-printed denim, and dresses bursting with 3-D blooms. Brognano’s couture-ish outerwear stood out, in particular the luscious satin coats with pouf sleeves: A black one had blue and white sporty stripes at the back, while a lavender one had black and white ones. That couture feel spilled onto belted satin jackets the color of lemon cream, a long and sheer ruffly gown, and giant tulle Pierrot collars for dramatic flourish. The collection was a clever blend of the boyish and ultra-feminine, and it will be exciting to see what else this promising talent has up his denim — and silken — sleeve.

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