Bet you thought the prints at Pucci were something fished from the archive, maybe circa ’67 or ’72. Wrong. They were all spanking new. Not a single reissue for spring 2019, though clearly the historical influence was there. This was to indicate that the house is focusing on the future, as was the unisex collection it released earlier this year, under which the clothes modeled by men fell as well.

To further summon a youthful spirit, the creative team envisioned the presentation as a Carribean Pucci villa, populated by models dancing to reggae beats in a collection of tropical colors and easy fits. There were tank and shirtdresses cut with sprays of pleated and printed swatches. Loose, long shirts were worn open over bright, cropped pants and simple cocktail dresses were embroidered over prints. The throwback Pucci glamour remained intact, but there was a kitschy ease that might appeal to a new generation.

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