Michelle Smith’s spring collection was called Metamorphosis, and it was about embracing new stages in life and feeling vibrant and amazing along the way. Smith has a knack for energetic, confident femininity and she delivered on those tenets with shocks of saturated color and touches of athleticism.

Backstage before the show, dressed in the billowy tent dress that started it all, Smith talked about the collection’s beginnings: “This dress is actually a rectangular block of fabric. It represents having a strong foundation and being strong within yourself.”

The designer sent variations of these down the runway, each as bright and sensual and free-flowing as the next. She took that foundation and evolved it into pleats, and then into boxy blazers either topping a bright orange nylon set or wrapped with nylon parkas that cinched the waist.

The athletic thread was a touchstone revealing the way women want to dress: casual yet vibrant, energetic and confident. Some of the strongest looks manifested at the intersection of the sporty and feminine, as in an oversized hoodie styled over a pleated asymmetrical skirt, or a sleeveless zip-up jacket paired with a bright orange skirt. A white jumpsuit cut loose was another standout.

For Smith, it’s all about approachability: “I always want there to be a touch of realness. I want the runway to always inspire and women to say, ‘Hey, I can do that, I can really do that.’”

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