Always finding new ways to infuse an East-meets-West sensibility, the basis of her Hungarian upbringing, Sandra Sandor looked to Ancient Egypt and the “Refined Rodeo” for Nanushka’s spring collection.

“I’m really attracted to ancient Egypt symbolism. I really feel that — a little bit in a spiritual sense — they’re really powerful,” Sandor said, referencing subtle details in her collection, like a cream hoodie with single, embroidered “Eye of Horus” or leopard-printed silks and bolder, gold jewelry which alluded to the importance of animal spirits and totems.”I love how [the Egyptians] mix the proportion of the dressing, how they mix heavy gold jewelry together with the Shenti, which is their linen rope, what they wrap around themselves,” Sandor explained.

Western leather button ups and denim jackets were mixed with Egyptian Shenti knotted silk dresses and shorts, fusing the idea seamlessly in a palette of neutrals with pops of burnt orange, rosebud and ice blue. The clothes, expertly styled by Rachel Wang with new tube sandals and oversize tote bags, exuded simple elegance as a sound bath softly played in the background.

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