With the current state of retail, designers and brands have been searching for ways to keep customers engaged. Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia relaunched their e-commerce last month to tackle customer feedback head on. There are new online features that allow users to sort by body type and occasion, and the designers are finding they can react to concerns almost immediately.

Beginning with spring, they’ll also be launching a “0 to 20” program to address one of the most common problems: offering sizing up to 20. Rather than merely expanding proportions they fit on, say, a size 4 model, they’ll be using multiple fit models to truly tailor for different body types.

With this move, and especially for spring, the designers will also focus less on seasonally driven trends and more on delivering newness into core categories to drive the brand forward.

They’ve narrowed categories down to include the Como, for the slightly more mature customer looking for the traditional evening gowns the brand does so well; the Bombay, for customers with a heavy social life — here you’ll find statement items like a loosely draped sequin tuxedo dress, and the London collection, for corporate women who want sophistication without the frills, like knit bodycon dresses with one or two design upgrades. These three will remain constant season to season.

The fourth category will be tailored for the time it delivers to stores; spring’s line has been dubbed St. Barts, speaking to the flowy floral print and bright marigold dresses with high slits and ruffle flounces perfect for an island getaway. According to Sachin Ahluwalia, the ultimate goal, and compliment, is to have customers say, you understand me and design clothes just for me. 

It won’t hurt that all dresses will be priced under $700.

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