It’s surprising Sandy Liang waited so long to stage a presentation at Congee Village, her family’s restaurant on the Lower East Side. The designer is perennially inspired by friends and family, often translating her grandma’s style for her downtown clientele and casting friends for her presentations and look books.

“I’m happy to have the show here because I think people get to see a real complete picture of what I’m about,” Liang said at the presentation. “I think presentation-wise, I’ve always done a very natural, downtown, easygoing look and this is my first time blending it.”

Authenticity has been a key factor in Liang’s growth as a brand. She designs for girls like herself, urbanites seeking cool yet unfussy clothes with some quirky charm. She expands on categories as she personally needs them, like cut-and-sew knits, and other casual items like a matching cheetah print T-shirt and skirt set or joggers she can really relax in. “Now that I’ve been doing this for four years, I’ve sort of noticed what I was missing,” she said. “A lot of my clothes are really cool and dressy, but there’s nothing I can really chill in.”

Talk about cool and dressy: Inspired by the Japanese manga series “Sailor Moon,” standouts included the “space galactic” dress that blended a leopard print with a sequin garter belt accent, a longer sequin dress with billowy pink sleeves and a whimsically sheer number with a crisscross pattern. Showing the versatile element of elegant yet everyday, she topped looks off with newly launched buckets hats, an earring collaboration with Jiwinaia jewelry, and reintroduced fanny packs from 2016 now that they’re trending.

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