Architectural design and avant-garde structure with a deceptive approachability are the defining components to Sid Neigum’s design ethos. His pieces are more technical than most customers will probably ever realize, utilizing his mathematics background to create construction with an underlying uniformity, not only within each collection but with collections past.

For example, the measurement of high point shoulder to waist times the Golden Ratio will dictate the length of waist to skirt hem. Or the body measurement times Golden Ratio will equate sleeve length. Less literal is his use of single piece fabrics that are draped, pleated and tucked to create compelling white dresses. It’s a quirky aspect to the brand that results in beautiful clothes with a geometric gloss.

His spring offering evolved his penchant for stark lines with a newfound thread of lightness. He pushed his design chops to work with new fabrics like floral chiffon, which he cut into effervescent matching sets and dresses that required intricate needling techniques, and a fluid blue fil coupé he cut on the reverse and preferred for its added texture. Elsewhere, he worked his architectural hand into airy pleated fabrics sewn with structured boning that provided drama without the weight.

There were a number of pieces hallmarked with a transformative element as well: a standout included a crisp white single-panel top that could be worn with sharp lines for a modern take on evening dressing, or more casually as a tunic.

As Neigum continues to push his comfort zone, he’s showing a confident proposition for youthful evening attire that’s both arresting and glam.

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