For American sportswear label Simon Miller, fewer pastimes are as American as race car driving. Designers Chelsea Hansford and Daniel Corrigan cited iconic late Sixties, early Seventies drag racers Steve McQueen, “Jungle” Jim Liberman and his backing partner, “Jungle Pam,” for inspiration into spring. “The looks she would wear to the tracks were the craziest,” Corrigan noted at a preview. “That’s the mood of the collection.”

They even shot the look book along a 1953 raceway, telling the story of driving through the mountains while flowers are blooming and ice is melting.

The theme led to neon jackets in crackled leather that referenced torn asphalt, techy sport separates, poppy floral prints and a big push on denim that included a new “013” high-rise slim crop fit. The brand is denim at heart, and ever since Hansford joined Corrigan in Los Angeles last year, it’s been given newfound attention. It’s also partly why the brand has switched to a June spring model; they’ll be able to show resort and spring together while traveling to New York less.

A colorful tire track print found on denim twinsets pulled together the season’s palette of sunny yellow, orange, red and blue. A sense of playfulness underscored saturated figure-hugging dresses with high “auto bandit” turtlenecks, the eclectic pattern play of florals with plaids, and “no smoking” buttons dotted throughout. The designers aren’t big on the logo trend, but alongside their “Simon Miller” embroidery on T-shirts, they printed a vintage-inspired graphic logo against a scenic mountain landscape with a tagline: “a product of the USA.”

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