If there was any question as to whether or not Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin’s latest designs for Tome were a hit, the duo’s models made it clear that the answer was an unequivocal yes: Backstage post-show, they twirled about and took selfies in their looks instead of changing back into their street clothes. Preshow, Lobo observed that the clothes radiated serenity and warmth. “Not like a winter warmth but with heart in there,” he mused.

The duo spent a lot of time and love nurturing the collection, introducing handmade natural dyes made from marigold, rose and hibiscus that were repurposed temple offerings from India. “Everything is all natural, so there is absolutely no damage to the environment and it employs all artisans, workers. It’s such a nice way to work, so caring,” Lobo explained. The result included beautifully saturated tones inspired by the female Impressionist painters Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot: citron, sky blue, salmon pink and orange tones in natural linen, hemp and cotton. Pieces included button-downs, great pleated skirts and sweeping dresses. Tie-dye also made its first appearance, but in a subtle, sophisticated way, like a baby blue and yellow cinched skirt and button down. Elsewhere the lineup, inspired by the soft silhouettes of the late 19th century, was mostly neutral, striped and tailored, but a procession of white and ivory daywear captivated its leisurely spirit.

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