How many pieces does a woman need to feel chic and comfortable around the clock? Seven, according to Donna Karan. And she actually named them the “Seven Easy Pieces.” Believing in the power of layering to meet the diverse needs of contemporary life, the designer conceived a fall collection filled with smart, easy-to-wear styles that can be mixed and matched to build effortless, sophisticated outfits.

From basic but beautifully crafted jersey tops and bodysuits to chiffon maxi skirts and hyper-soft suede pants to tuck inside feather-weight suede boots, everything was infused with a luxurious nonchalance.

Adjustable and detachable details made the pieces highly versatile. A hooded padded parka could be buttoned up to make it shorter and a nylon skirt featured ties to wrap around the body transforming its shape.

The lineup’s adventurous, nomadic vibe was elevated by the covetable patchwork shearling vests and the silk tunic embellished with embroideries and printed velvet inserts, while a pretty suede jumpsuit had a sporty yet refined attitude.

Expressing a very specific lifestyle — elegant, relaxed and cultured — the collection was unique and special, as befits the personality of its creator.

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