The concrete jungle theme of Veronica Beard’s latest collection was both feminine and sexy. There were Eighties door-knocker earrings and power suiting along with an urban mash-up of plaids, stripes, textured lace and sequins that encourage women to experiment and have fun with layering.

Sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard have grounded the brand in easy-to-wear pieces for busy lifestyles much like their own; they started with a dickey concept that now has iterations in leopard, plaids and bold colors to spice up both jean jackets and blazers.

It goes without saying that versatility is key, and having clothes that transition from day to evening is essential. There was a big push this season with tailoring, in head-to-toe florals, blazers with topstitching details, roomy short suits, and a playful pink plaid blazer styled over ultra-cool leopard sequin pants. Sequins have a connotation for being evening-driven, but the duo aimed to challenge that notion with a slipdress that could be dolled up with heels or grounded by flats.

There were some items that were strictly casual (a neon striped knit; a loosely cut cropped plaid top) or for hot nights out (a yellow body-grazing dress), but it all made for a confident expression of strong and sexy femininity.

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