Jean and Judith Touitou took another step this season and moved outside the label’s intimate Rue Madame headquarters to show their coed lineup. They headed to a cavernous garage, emptied of cars and outfitted with roving spotlights that announced the start of the show.

The first look set the upbeat, rockabilly tone. Down the concrete car ramp came a sleek, jeans pants-and-shirt ensemble in dark blue with white stitching, a charming Elvis coiffe and pointy white boots, keys jangling from the belt. The bright blue bandana tightly wrapped around the model’s neck allowed a peek of the bright yellow T-shirt underneath.

It’s increasingly a question of survival-of-the-fittest in apparel these days and, not one to be left behind, the label is hankering after growth.

With their spring collection, the couple nudged their specific breed of easy and wearable elegance into younger territory, with their offer of jeans, colorful sweaters, smart outerwear and belt bags stamped with an A, a P or a C.

Dresses were cut sensibly, continuing in the same register as last season — non fussy, elegant and #metoo age-appropriate. These included a checked trenchcoat dress and several prairie dresses. The label’s emphasis on outerwear was expanded to include brighter colors, and a handsome, thigh-skimming coat was offered in pink or yellow.

In a playful nod to the Fifties, a vibrant, all-pink ensemble was built with a knee-length skirt and sweater twinset, the cardigan thrown over the shoulders.

“We must imagine ourselves happy,” read the Jean Touitou-attributed quote that sat on seats, left open to interpretation.

“There’s a light,” sang Shirley Ann Lee in the soundtrack of the show, another welcome injection of Americana, prompting toe-tapping from members of the audience, which included Wes Anderson and Camille Bidault-Waddington.

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