The quirky house that Martin built assembled a range of found materials — from 19th-century tablecloths to the foil hoods of Champagne bottles — for its made-to-order Artisinal collection. They were culled from France, Italy and England mainly, though they brought to mind the Haight-Ashbury and other hotbeds of groovy Seventies crafts.

Molded jackets and bustier dresses composed of macramé bags were feats of ingenuity and patience: 82 hours to make a coat, for example. They looked painfully scratchy, but were imaginative in their combination of homespun and tailored chic. The finale jacket had a cool look: A real marvel, it was pieced together from hundreds, if not thousands, of silk and nylon Brazilian bracelets sourced in Peru. Some of the other recycling experiments were less convincing, as in apron dresses made of souvenir cushion covers, or pantsuits paved in mother-of-pearl buttons that jangled and clanged as the models walked, like shirts in the dryer.

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