It looked like a new day at Serkan Cura. For starters, the feather specialist on Paris’ couture calendar opted for a run-down concrete garage to present his exotic spring lineup, ditching his usual burlesque-like locations. Second, he included looks in which a woman could actually sit — largely unchartered territory for a designer who had previously focused on fantastical creations.


The changes did him well. The silhouettes were less stiff yet still flamboyant. The show opened with goose-feathered coats made to look like channeled fur, daring as a cropped top with matching briefs. Cura also gave corsets a new look, cutting them asymmetrically or rendering them in distressed leather.


Long gowns and roaring Charleston-tinged coats done in fluffy ostrich feathers were impressive. One bustier dress, its slight trail made from rare cock feathers, yearned for the red carpet.