What better source for spring couture could there be than the goddess of spring herself?


Rami Kadi looked to Chloris, the spring nymph abducted and later married by Zephyrus, whose story Sandro Botticelli captured in one of his most famous paintings: the “Primavera.” The all-white, all-lace collection, with an abundance of feathers, bird and angel wing motifs, was a hopeful one, said Kadi, “given all the change that is happening in the world right now.”


The theme could have easily gone riot, but Kadi opted for clean, controlled silhouettes enhanced by light capes. Impeccably executed technical embroideries added little pops of color. The young couturier has a penchant for experiments, here, baking sequins “like chips” in the oven for a foil effect that was implemented via hand-stitch work. He also embroidered delicate jute branches as perches for his birds — swallows, chickadees and orioles — that were braided out of different knots, raffia, ribbons, metal threads and tiny beads.

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