By  on January 23, 2018

The archetypal French garden — a perfect example of man and nature working in concert to create the exquisite. Meticulous planning, layout and construction provide the structure for nature’s wonders to flourish while tended to with care, passion and fastidious precision by expert craftspeople. A similar collaboration holds for haute couture. Nature bestows the extraordinary human talent and will — from designer through to everyone whose hands touch a garment en route to completion — while those thus blessed have the good sense and fortitude to perfect their gifts for creating beauty.

When Karl Lagerfeld conjured a show inside a traditional French garden (albeit, one installed inside the Grand Palais), he was probably thinking more narrowly, at least officially. Whatever his private thoughts on his work and legacy, Lagerfeld would never voice aspirations more grandiose than servicing his customer by making beautiful clothes. His job, he says, is to make dresses. He chose the garden setting for Chanel’s spring couture show because he was feeling for that French je ne sais quoi.

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