Short, slinky and shimmery summed up Galia Lahav’s summer. The Israeli brand, best known for its bridal work, went for a sultrier tack in which skin was on ample display — at a wedding, these would raise eyebrows and hackles.

Dresses were cut short, or slashed up to allow plenty of leg. The mood turned downright steamy on minidresses that looked like they had been barely wrapped around the body. Rhinestone bands decorated edges and added to the shimmer. An impression of the Eighties stalked past in one silver number with marked shoulders. Elsewhere, it was Nineties spaghetti strap columns, or skin flashing through slits that bisected from shoulder to navel. In a draft, these would be more shivery than sexy.

The over-the-top nature of this held no irony, and as such, ended up looking innocuous and generic. If wanting to go unnoticed — or worse, noticed for all the wrong reasons — at a red carpet event, this is what you’d reach for.

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