For his spring couture collection, Giovanni Bedin paid homage to simple, every day designs, along with their everyday materials, taking them apart and rebuilding them as intricate, geometrical dresses — the short kind.

Sources for this endeavor? Venetian gondolier’s T-shirts and the matelot overcoats worn by fishermen on France’s Brittany coast.

Using striped fabric, he built a lineup of very short dresses taking strips of the cloth and patching them together in intricate, geometric patterns that formed a structure to frame the body. Vertical rows of jersey cloth were spliced with horizontal ones, with black tulle to fill in the spaces between. The result was sophisticated and playful, creating myriad optical illusions.

Adhering to a strict black and white palette, Bedin had a cosmopolitan woman in mind — the kind whose calendar is full of commitments that call for a certain dress code, like weddings. Her age? Ages don’t matter, responded the Italian, asking, in turn “Can you tell how old somebody is these days?”

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