For the customer who wants the next level in personalization, Rami Kadi offers just the thing. Not only are his designs made to fit, but they were made with ticker-tape embroideries to put one’s own details in view.

“Many of my clients asked me to embroider their names on their bridal veils, or even hashtags, because everyone is on social media these days,” he said, pointing out the black bands were all detachable. On the silhouettes showcased at Le Meurice, these read #RKSS18, #COUTURESS18 and #RAMIKADI while a table displayed more options such as #METOO, #WHYWEWEARBLACK but also #PROVOKE and #BRIDETOBE.

But while it resembled the branded elastic waistbands, the Swarovski seed beads and crystal embroidery used in the two hand-spans of tape going across the front of his sweatshirt took over 20 hours to create. On one ruffled gown, there were at least a dozen feet curling around the edges of each layer.

Style-wise, Kadi tapped into the elevated street style vibe du jour. But urban inspirations were mixed in with gusto to the techniques of his craft, resulting in a parka filled with angel hair thread, crystal-encrusted detachable hoods, a floral parka worn with a fishnet skirt and a hoodie richly embroidered in flowers. Large black zips and cords were all embroidered in glittering black.

High and low he went with his materials, from duchesse satin to burlap, PVC to silk chiffon. The Lebanese-American couturier has a penchant for experimentation, such as baking sand-dollar sized sequins to see what happens — they curled into tubes that were embroidered into long lines that looked like silver pinstripes on a voluminous skirt. Elsewhere he laser-cut them and slathered them in blue ink.

For the bridal look, he pulled out all the stops, classic and otherwise: hashtags curled along the edges of the veil while an embroidered sheer T-shirt peeked from under a voluminous ballgown in ivory duchesse. In the digital age, if you have it all, you might as well hashtag it.

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