LENS CRAFTERS: Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper caught his girlfriend Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ runway show Thursday with camera in hand. But the Brit, who called the shots for “The King’s Speech,” will turn his attention overseas next year by shooting “Les Miserables” with Hugh Jackman in the U.K. and France.

After what was his first fashion show outing, Hooper couldn’t get over how “unbelievably similar” the preshow backstage scene was to directing a film. Creatively speaking, he and Subkoff have loads to chat about. “She’s got a great eye. I grew up in a family where I always talked about ideas with the people you were closest to. I suppose this [openness] with Tara is an extension of that.”

Another showgoer, Mary Ellen Mark, also talked about the creative process. Her book “Revenge” is being reprinted and a more compact version of her “Fraulein” will be out Oct. 20, when her next show bows at the Los Angeles gallery Fahey/Klein.

As for today’s fashion photography, Mark said, “Digital photography has somehow made it easier to take a good photo because you can do so much with retouching. But it’s still difficult to take a soulful photo and a fashion photograph. It has a lot to do with the bond the photographer has with the person, the idea and the dress.”

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