You can always count on a playful romp through a solid theme from Anna Sui, and this season was no exception. What one might not anticipate is just how cerebral the designer can be. Sui took her cues from French history and interior designer Madeline Castaigne, known for her love of blue, leopard-print carpets and all things Deuxième Empire. Sui’s own ode to the color centered on denim and chambray, layered with her signature poofed crinoline dresses, charming rompers and chiffon tops sporting upholstery-inspired prints, also in blue. The denim and chambray pieces (leggings, shorts, vests, shirts, dresses) were embellished with jet beading and pearls for a Baroque feel. Into this otherwise stately mix, Sui injected the trappings of anarchy — motorcycle jackets, torn fishnets, skull cameos, pointy sweetheart shoes and even neon wigs — which gave the collection plenty of street cred. Let them eat cake!