There was a metaphor buried here somewhere. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren’s invitation bore an image of a model holding a hand mirror, her reflection staring back at you. Their runway backdrop was a giant mirror, and the clothes picked up the reflection, including some that appeared to be two looks spliced together down the center. The mirror has two faces? The two faces of Viktor & Rolf? Self-reflection? Split personalities? Ugh.

Nearly every exit played with duality, subtle at first, in combinations of black, white and silver lamé. Nice examples included long and slim filmy skirts with contrast panels and a wrap dress that was black and floor-length on one side; white, pleated and cut above the ankle on the other.

Things began to unravel with the pastels: pink and purple blouses with droopy shoulder details and slouchy pleated pants, a couple of which featured a wilting bow across the crotch. By the time the mauve puckered tulle trench that looked like shaved shrubbery came out, the designers had lost the thread.

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