Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi opted to take advantage of an exhibition hall’s massive curved walkway to show their spring Matohu collection, which highlighted their signature relaxed yet polished aesthetic along with some modern takes on Japanese silhouettes. The duo is a practiced hand at layering and this season was no exception, with lots of slim trousers shown under dresses or long, lightweight sweater coats, and even a pair of culottes under a jersey skirt. But a few pieces, like a lime-green shift dress, were left to stand alone.

Never ones to shy away from the use of color, the designers moved from cool pastel blues and grays to navy, charcoal and teal, before ending with a series in bright candy colors including bubblegum pink and lemon yellow. Some of the pieces featured animal design motifs, i.e., the sleeveless dress embroidered with a fish pattern. Twisted cord sculptures atop the models’ heads added a quirky touch.

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