Sisters Pookie Burch and Louisa Burch have had grand plans for Trademark from the outset, launching last year in all categories and opening their first store just last week. Yes, they have resources other start-ups don’t (dad is Chris Burch), but the sisters also appear to have an aesthetic point of view strong enough to fuel their business aspirations.

Spring was all about India “in a color approach,” said Pookie, the creative of the sisters, who traveled to Rajasthan five years ago with her stepmother, Tory Burch, and left impressed by the palette and the well-dressed men. Sportswear takes on kurtas and pajama styles in saturated marigolds, navys, hot pinks, greens and rusts had appealingly sour undertones. Whereas traditional Indian garb is light and whispy, Trademark’s version came in sturdy fabrics like heavy cotton twill and robust everyday knits, such as the spongy, stretch henleys with rainbow buttons. To complete the look, there were slightly feminized men’s sandals in crackled leather and snake bracelets meant to be worn high on the arm, as done on the subcontinent.