At a time of growing interest in wearable technology, Anrealage designer Kunihiko Morinaga staged a nifty fashion performance involving photosensitive fabrics.

Dressed in stark, sculptural white outfits, models soaked up light from low-lying projectors, emerging to show off hidden patterns or the outline of limbs that kept light off the fabric. Cutout coats and jackets, once removed, left shadowy patterns resembling leaves or industrial grids.

In his first Paris runway presentation after 10 years showing in Japan, Morinaga also employed trompe l’oeil effects, including asymmetric hems and sleeves to approximate the effect of slanting light. Even metallic studs and pearls on leather and tweed jackets were enhanced with black circles, as if casting their own shadow. The nice surprise was how chic most of it looked.

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