Thomas Tait drew on a trio of far-reaching references: midcentury collage, tribal artistry and industrial design. Though a seemingly ill-suited grouping, the result was a concise spring collection that was modern, expertly cut and — for the most part — wearable.


A circular motif ran throughout, with Native American symbols in the form of sheer mesh-circle inserts,on nearly every look sent down the runway. Elsewhere, an A-line miniskirt in gorgeous antique calfskin had a circular window at the hem with a metal ring inside, lending it a dream catcher quality.


Jeans were meticulously cut close to the body, with grommet details on the knees or jangling keys attached at the side. Several pairs came patched with caramel patent leather. The finale, a black halter jumpsuit with cutaway sleeves and circle details, was among the collection’s many highlights.

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