Cividini’s spring collection featured only a ghost of its signature knits — a cropped sweater or knitted bra top was layered on almost every outfit, in yarns so fine as to be virtually translucent.


Miriam and Piero Cividini used a white shirt as the base for most of the looks, proceeding to layer on garments in fabrics ranging from washed sienna linen to crisp cottons woven or printed with geometric motifs. This created mash-ups of pattern and color — mainly neutrals and earth tones.


Some of the prints had an Eighties, Japanese feel — as in a gray sleeveless blouse and skirt featuring a pattern of broken-up grids. Topping these with an extra layer felt like an unnecessary distraction at times. The knits worked best when left to shine on their own, for instance in the form of long dresses adorned with geometric motifs.