Giorgio Armani made good on his press notes, which promised a “Summer Breeze” of a spring collection conveyed through “moving lines” and “subtle casualness.” The collection had all of those qualities, and was soft, sporty and current.


Armani captured a laid-back, youthful attitude at the beginning with easy tailoring marked by relaxed blazers, trousers and Bermuda shorts in shades of gray and pink, which gave a pretty blush to some of the more mannish cuts. There were jackets to suit any occasion: a cropped pink bomber; a quilted suit jacket, dusters and a trim leather jacket with artfully jagged trim. Many of the looks were jauntily accented with neck scarves.


The collection progressed toward an earthier, more creative mood in browns and blues. Not everything made sense. While a cutout jacket and broken-in blazers were appealing, rumpled pantaloon pants with thick buckled belts at the hem broke the ease.


But more often than not, the outfits were comprised of real-world clothes that reflected a fresh approach to Armani’s more dressed-down side. A soft pink strapless apron top with floral appliqués and open back, shown with a matching skirt, was girlishly modern in its versatility, easily dressed up or down. Likewise, the filmy wrap tunic tanks with matching pants — even when shown in one of six inexplicable finale trios. But that’s Armani for you.