Owner and creative director Zhu Chongyun chose an aquatic theme for her second collection since taking over Krizia, but her take was more futuristic than fluid. She played with digital patterns and fabric weaves to bring marine effects to life. Garments came in complex constructions that incorporated pleated or sequined inserts for added depth, with detachable details including a quilted collar that brought to mind an inflatable vest.


Concentric circles were woven into the surface of a black jacquard all-in-one, while a rubbery-looking dress quivered with an inky digital print. Other outfits featured a graphic crystal print that was echoed in the heels of towering sandals, made from transparent, faceted resin.


While Krizia’s knitwear heritage was referenced — namely in a wave-patterned jacquard — Zhu’s vision of the label was virtually unrecognizable from that of founder Mariuccia Mandelli. Krizia’s renovated store on Via della Spiga should help her convey the brand’s radical new image.


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