The highlight of Massimiliano Giornetti’s spring collection for Ferragamo was a series of long cotton sundresses, flounced in a trapeze ruffle at the top and gathered into a full, ruffled hem. Done in black, bright orange and festive multicolored stripes, the dresses exuded summer ease with a Spanish flavor, though no such reference was alluded to in show notes.


Rather, the program stated Giornetti’s interest in creating “a noble and solemn portrait, marked by a feeling of lightness and unexpected austerity.” Long capes fastened with undone ties and the architectural ruffle motif that recurred throughout the lineup conveyed a sense of romantic grandeur, but otherwise the silhouettes felt drowsy, even when trimmed in feathers and bows. Solemn wasn’t the word for this collection, but it could have used more energy.

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