Halston Heritage designer Marie Mazelis said for spring 2016 she was inspired by the faded palette in some photos of Havana. “I also like looking to Halston’s archives for a link to the past,” she added, playing with a pair of sunglasses that belonged to one of the founder’s Seventies collections.


Making the house’s history relevant now was Mazelis’ main objective — and nothing underscored that more than the brown ultrasuede strapless sheath, cut in a new, richer version of the original Toray-manufactured cloth. Mazelis also mined the Seventies for her crepe jumpsuits, single-shoulder dresses, caftans, white paillette pants and a terrific orchid print.


Echoes of Halston can always bring a cozy nostalgia to his fans, but Mazelis needs to have the courage to create a bit more pizzazz and risk her own reinvention for the house.

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