Rebecca Minkoff is leading a revolution. From the very start, her savvy approach has been that of a disruptor — advertising during the 2008 crash when others dropped campaigns, always being on the cusp of the next music sensation, and embracing social media and technology faster and better than most. Today’s examples were the Intel drones circling the room: a nod to her forward-thinking drone bracelet prototypes, while indie band Børns set the tone musically.

Minkoff has also always been clear about her muses, which tend to be Sixties and Seventies “It” girls. This season she looked to Marianne Faithfull, “a symbol of the youth quake and the rebellion.” As Minkoff observed, “there is a parallel between her and my customer now who embraces the future.”

To that end, the spring collection balanced the sweet and the rebellious. Elements such as leather and studs were mixed with chiffon and ruffles — a sheer blouse layered under a leather jumpsuit or a pleated and ruffled white chiffon minidress paired with a studded black vest. Faithfull’s style was obvious in long, flowing peasant dresses with open dropped shoulders and in mini dresses with a laced-up bodice or side vent worn with chunky Lucite-heeled openwork knee-high boots.

Also evident was an elevated quality to the garments. A fringed poncho with a miniskirt and a sleeveless T-neck dress with a sliced bodice, both in lavender suede, felt luxe, while a boxy jacket and shorts in a modern white tweed and a cocoon-shaped topper, both with stud details, added a layer of grown-up cool to a lineup that will keep Minkoff fans coming back faithfully.

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