Rosetta Getty used postmodern dance to direct her spring collection. This was evident in the layered, fluid silhouettes, palette of terra-cotta, black-and-white and, most interestingly, tie effects that Getty derived from her old lace-up Capezio dance shoes.


Getty’s line is evolving nicely as a collection for chic women who want creative, understated luxury. The best example of this was the languid draping, subtle cutouts at the shoulders and bustline, and the lacing details. Tipped in gold hardware for a little elevation, the laces added discreet sensuality and nuance to day-to-evening looks, such as a black dress with three circular cutouts with tie closures down the chest and a vest that could be fastened or left open at the shoulder. “It’s not too revealing but it’s got this sex appeal,” said Getty. “It’s up to you how to wear it.”