Without a reminder that, as of resort, Thakoon Panichgul had combined his main collection and contemporary line Thakoon Addition into one entity, his spring runway was a bit confounding.


The opening was undeniably contemporary, focused on bleach tie-dye denim, teensy jeans shorts cut high on the side like running gear and body suits. Part of the lineup felt like a swim collection. Another group, sleepwear with pajamalike shirting and terry cloth, included a literal bathrobe.


Cute and spunky by midmarket standards, it was a big departure from Panichgul’s typical designer fare. It was difficult to tell if the show evolved to include upper-market looks. It closed with more sophisticated sequined pieces, including a tulle dress shown over a bathing suit. A significant shift in strategy is obviously in play and it could be a good thing depending on how it progresses.


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