The presence of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the runway sent a clear signal: Elie Saab is targeting a younger clientele.


Hadid wore the third look, a blue tiered lace dress topped with a satin bomber jacket in broad horizontal stripes. Jenner followed, dressed in a black lace baby doll with a floral-print bomber jacket and gladiator boots.


The addition of sports-inspired clothing, including a white tracksuit with black piping, was new territory for Saab. But much of this collection was not particularly youthful, as the abstract floral motif and striped fabrics especially skewed a little ladylike.


To capture the youth vote, Saab might ask: What will it look like on Instagram? To that end, his disco-era jumpsuits with chiffon ruffles down the sides were the clear winners.

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