“Since separating my women’s show from my men’s in the fall 2015 season, I have been drawing on personal memories to create my women’s collections,” said Christian Dada designer Masanori Morikawa. This season, those memories centered around trips to Chinatown and Kamakura, two popular tourist destinations outside of Tokyo. He said he also took inspiration from his girlfriend and her sense of style.


As musicians performed live piano, violin and vocal music from behind a screen that showed the colors of the sky from sunrise to starlit night, Morikawa’s models seemed to almost float down the runway. The overall look was one of romanticism, but with some hard edges for contrast. Lace, ruffles and rosettes were offset by black leather and a shiny blue python-print fabric.


Morikawa played with movement and proportions, pairing wide-legged chiffon pants and long pleated skirts with moto jackets and shirts with extra-long sleeves. The phrase “no love lost” was taken from the song by English rock band Joy Division, and made appearances on chokers and splashed across T-shirts. Some of Morikawa’s strongest pieces included a dramatic, floor-length coat with floral embroidery and a leather-look jacket with peacock feather embroidery down the sleeves.