A simple white runway and wisps of fog licking at the models’ feet set the mystical forest scene for Divka’s debut runway show in Tokyo.


Designers Takayuki Tanaka and Motoyuki Matsumoto said they wanted to blur the boundaries between different parts of garments, for example, using the same pattern to make both the sleeves and the neck. The result was striking: long,asymmetric hem skirts, “unformed” jersey dresses, and dusters in gossamer-thin fabrics with beautiful draping and gathering. Also of note were elongated shirts and coats with double-button panels that created a faux layered look.


The designers opted for a mostly neutral palette of light, smoky gray and sheer black, with shots of bright teal to lighten the mood. A woven fabric, used in coats and slim trousers, had a texture that resembled fluffy clouds, and silver twigs or black feathers worn on the models’ heads completed the enchanted forest mood.