Yoshio Kubo, one of Tokyo’s hottest men’s wear designers at the moment, said the concept of “vintage and modern” inspired him this season. The result was a high-energy spring show full of great-looking streetwear with a sporty undercurrent.
Kubo wrapped his guys’ heads and faces in long flowing scarves. These nomads made their way down a runway strewn with driftwood and crystal light fixtures. Perhaps tapping into a vintage mode, Kubo opted for prints with a yesteryear feel — baroque florals and a motif incorporating compasses from old maps, for example — which he turned into Bermuda shorts, varsity jackets and sweatshirts. Other standouts included a pair of matching jacket and shorts sets embroidered with thick yarn to give them a hefty texture.


The past may have inspired Kubo but there was nothing dated about his clothes, which looked fresh and perfectly suited to today’s world.