Jane Lewis knows just the sort of push and pull her customer needs. Sixties-style A-line dresses? Check. Cigar trousers and matching tunic top? Double check. Goat’s founder and designer has built a lucrative business on elegant, dependable silhouettes, all of them with a long shelf life, and spring was no exception. In addition to her roomy cashmere knits and sleek dresses — some dark with white pointy collars, others with contrast racing stripes around the neck or armholes, and others still with dramatic double cuffs — there were some great new textures and shapes. She transformed the boiler suit into a tailored classic, doing it in dark denim with a belt, and worked cream geometric lace into long, sleeveless dresses. Other more structured dresses had a nubby surface and a retro bubble-and-swirl print done in orange and gray — not for everyone, but charming, in a Carol Brady sort of way.

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