Claire-Anne Stroll has been on a quest to take ath-leisure to luxe heights, and for spring she’s added embroidery, sparkle and crochet flourishes to Callens, which she designs with an in-house team. “We’re still who we are, but with much more glamour,” said Callens, who was dressed in a dramatic tracksuit top shaped like a riding coat, with a racing stripe down the back, and matching leggings. The lineup featured a hand-stitched kimono top with a racer stripe detail around the neck; crochet seams on jogging pants; and shrunken bomber jackets with rose embroidery or full sleeves that ended at the elbow. A rainbow of tiny sequins worked their way onto collars, down the sides of shorts and onto fluid, wide-leg track bottoms, while a crisp row of white pleats peeked from under a rosy pink stretch jersey jacket. The rich, elegant pieces, done in silk, wool and cashmere, will certainly light up first-class cabins and mothers’ coffee mornings the world over, but they may be a bit much for the local branch of L.A. Fitness.