If Genny is ever going to have the comeback its parent company Swinger International is gunning for, it needs to consider a new direction. Sara Cavazza Facchini’s spring collection, designed with “elegant and feminine women with audacious brave hearts” and Robert Mapplethorpe lilies in mind, was filled with iridescent fabrics in ivory, lavender and silver cut into pieces that looked like Facchini’s girlhood fantasy of what she would wear to a fancy party when she grew up. In reality, you had to wonder where a modern woman would go in a shiny halter jumpsuit with flared legs and an embroidered bib, or another jumpsuit with cutout shoulders, bell sleeves and a silver hardware harness; or a strapless white mini with a side ruffle over pants that were sheer through the leg with solid cuffs. An audacious, brave heart was required.

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