Mr & Mrs Italy’s trademark fur-trimmed parka looked a little travel-worn this season. The brand took inspiration from sailors’ adventures for its spring collection, which featured jackets and coats in sun-bleached khaki cotton stenciled with pin-up and tattoo designs.

Flamin’ Mamie, a cross between Jessica Rabbit and Rita Hayworth, was emblazoned on T-shirts, faded blue jeans and a khaki utility playsuit. Colored patches and sequined interpretations of military medal ribbons featured on everything from a swimsuit to activewear items, including a nubby cotton tracksuit with snap-button pants.

Drawing inspiration from vintage workwear, the brand’s Fisherman jacket featured utilitarian details like poacher pockets and a placket ostensibly designed to keep out the wind — though when it’s covered in rhinestones, who cares about practical concerns?

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