“I find working directly with a customer is the most gratifying part of this business. It’s the emotional aspect — desire that becomes fleeting,” said Chris Gelinas, philosophically, referring to his spring collection for CG, inspired “by the intimacy of ‘Last Tango in Paris.’” (But not its most infamous scene.) “I want nuance and that intimacy to inform the clothes.”

Gelinas showed he knows how to mix a bit of structure with plenty of sexy and soft, offering floral-printed, calf-length dresses and skirts under sheer black organza. He presented an evening hoodie and sleeveless button-front organza top trimmed in ribbed cashmere over an organza pleated circle skirt, and paired a handsome fitted jacket and bell shorts in lightweight twill with a letter-printed front-pleat silk blouse. The best in show: a peach rib-knit-edged sheer organza jacket and soft skirt worn with a silk bralette. Flounced trumpet and circle skirts, ruffle-edged trapeze dresses and tops, and cropped bell pants all underscored the designer’s new penchant for fluid and fancy, complemented by custom footwear from Sarah Flint.

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