Hillary Taymour’s spring Collina Strada collection was a modern update of classics that aimed to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. The collection, aptly dubbed “It Matters,” was shown on black models as a considerate contribution toward making fashion more diverse. Male models were also cast to illustrate the brand’s inclusive disposition in challenging gender norms.

Languid, exaggerated and asymmetrical lines provided a romantic quality to classic workwear shapes in a muted palette of mauve, forest and white. Overblown ruffles were commonplace, seen on dramatic floor-grazing pants and sweeping hems, such as a white denim combo with raw edges. There was a playful quality to the construction — the origami folds of a striped-denim mechanic jacket or the asymmetry of a satin shirtdress — and youthfulness in the layering and understated attitude. It was a riff on utility that didn’t feel limiting in any sense.

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