Concept Korea presented three designers’ unique collections.

The first, Yohanix by Yohan Kim, was full of ideas gone awry with flying panels, missing shoulders, sabotaged denim and sloppy shapes. Lace skirts and tops, sheer blazers and army pants were among Kim’s overwhelming number of ideas — many in a single look. Some focus and strict editing might have salvaged a few numbers.

Heejin Kim’s lineup for Kimmy J. was another exercise in overkill, but with a few fun outfits — which were created with a plethora of accessories. Consider the purple “karma” off-the-shoulder top and athletic shorts. Fine on their own, but overwhelmed by a heart charm choker, star hoop earrings, Purple Heart with silver bag, clear and black glasses and purple jelly air sandals. No one ever said fashion was meant to soothe.

Greedilous by Younhee Park brought it all down to a more considered pitch with a collection that had some good-looking sportswear with an element of charm. A pink and white print biker jacket, short-sleeve T-shirt and ruffle skirt and the olive-toned bomber, printed T-shirt and pencil skirt were the best examples. While there were plenty of ruffles, they added something rather than detracted. Park’s light blue velvet pajama dress, while totally out of whack with the rest of Concept Korea, added a nice levity to the overall bounty.