In an open letter to her mom that doubled as show notes, designer Georgine Ratelband sought to honor the chic and empowering quality of her mother’s wardrobe — but reinterpreted with her own brand of quirky, lavish glamour. A sequined dress worn to an uncle’s 50th birthday party, a tailored trench donned for after-school pickups, and a lace dress that first entranced her father were key catalysts. “I love these pieces because when I wear them, I’m reminded of you. I might make some alterations to them or wear them in different ways you ever would, but everyone always comments on how chic they still look,” she wrote.

The takeaway: Daughter raids mother’s closet for a collection that was a play on downtown-meets-uptown. The opening look, a softly tailored brocade coat falling off the shoulder over a sheer beaded top, set the mood that this girl has spunk. Embellishments such as string ties and hardware accents pegged her style as playful punk rock. Large safety pins were seen on an assortment of items: piercing the backs of coats, as the thread holding together a pink top and as decorations hugging the curves of a black Versace-esque gown. A floral-printed sequin coat was a play on grandma versions made of curtain material. The eccentric updates probably won’t have your mom asking for them back, as this type of girl shops at Bergdorf Goodman and Trash and Vaudeville.

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