Eveningwear designer Rubin Singer is planning to launch a ready-to-wear collection for fall 2017, one that is not at all about the glam evening looks for which he is known. Somehow, he said, that “made me want to do profound and new dresses and gowns for spring.”

“This is a softer, more fluid direction,” the designer explained. “I never used this much chiffon in my life.” Singer, who shaped the airy silks in a range that included a short slender mint and pink top with paillettes and net-covered second-skin chiffon sleeves over an asymmetric, patchwork leather skirt in the same pastels. He also showed chiffon in more fluid gowns and bell-sleeved minidresses.

Most impressive was how Singer played with potentially tricky effects, controlling and executing them so skillfully that even his harnessed and strapped looks, fabric and leather patchwork, and abundant multicolor paillettes and overlays were rendered beautifully. Mercifully, he said good-bye to over-the-top.

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