During a preview of his latest lineup of luxurious knits at The Bowery Hotel, Greg Chait stressed that his collections for The Elder Statesman continually reflect the label’s current state of development. “We’re makers, and we’re a lot about process. What you see here is a lot about where we are in our development of certain techniques and certain yarns,” he said, noting a series of knits he introduced for the season in baby cashmere (which, for the uninitiated, is made from the under fleece of kid goats.) “I’m a technical nerd.”

His spring collection explored a simple idea — dots — which manifested in colorful honeycomb prints on the aforementioned baby cashmere sweaters, all deliciously soft and offered in a rainbow of colors. Then, Chait took the dot theme and, in his own words, “went to space with it.” Intergalactic motifs and graphics, created by a trio of Australian artists, were splashed across lightweight cashmere and silk-blend T-shirts and oversize and cropped sweaters. Holding up a graphic knit illustrated with a night sky, Chait explained: “This isn’t computerized. The shapes are hand-knit into the sweater, and they’re hand-painted.” (Those laborious techniques come at a price; some of Chait’s sweaters retail for $1,700 and up.) Other knits glowed in the dark.

The offering wasn’t exclusively cashmere; it also included a tight collection of sporty sweats in cotton fleece and a few colorful tie-dye tunics in Japanese cotton gauze. “I’ve never been mad at cotton,” Chait said. “I’m just finding ways to work with it and give it the same respect as the other fabrications we work with.”

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