“Effortless” is one of the most overused words in the fashion vernacular, but it actually felt appropriate for Antonin Tron’s collection. Now in its second season, the lineup is made almost entirely of jersey pieces thoughtfully cut to pack style and attitude just by putting them on. One of the most comfortable fabrics, jersey can sometimes feel unsophisticated or lack shape. Not in Tron’s hands.

For spring, his sporty elegance, which bears the stamp of influence of some of the designers for whom he’s worked — at Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Balenciaga — came in earthy shades of mineral blue, clay red, brown and navy. He dug into compact jerseys to achieve a stronger, sturdier silhouettes than last season with taut “bulletproof” tops and dresses and skirts draped to accentuate shoulders, hips and waists in a slyly sexy way. “It’s very much a material that drives the design,” said Tron. “First the material comes, then draping, molding loose structures and fluidity. That’s what I like about jersey — the fluidity and comfort that it can provide.” The result was a collection of clothes that will end up being reached for again and again in a wardrobe.

Wasting no time expanding categories, for spring Tron introduced a range of sculptural enamel jewelry — cuffs and earrings — inspired by the Le Vaucour lava-glazed mosaic ceramics he collects.



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